I ran far away from you. 1,200 miles far. It was the furthest place I could think of going while still making it possible for me to be happy in a place that didn’t include you. I deleted you from my life completely. I got rid of all social media, I changed my number, I changed my hair, I even changed my last name. I didn’t plan on returning anytime soon. Not even to visit my family. I didn’t want to risk running into you. The first couple of weeks, I missed you like crazy. Then, I started forgetting to think about you. Next, I couldn’t remember the way you even looked. Finally, I woke up one morning and could no longer hear your voice in my head. I thought the timing of my feelings was perfectly coincidental with a small situation that arose. A situation that forced me to be back in the same town as you. I wasn’t worried because I’d only be there for a total of seven hours. I made it six hours and fifty eight minutes without running into you. Who would’ve thought that my last two minutes, my last mile in town, you’d pull up to the stop light right next to me. And there was your voice again, in my head. “Coincidences are funny”. A memory of something you had said to me just earlier that year. I could see your face, your body, hear your voice so clearly all over again. All over again. I didn’t find the humor.


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